New book: the amazing story of Sylvester, the wandering lion

A true story account of Sylvester, the lion: vagabond to lion king.

Sylvester, the wandering lion, rose to fame in 2015 as the big cat that just wouldn’t stay put, escaping the Karoo National Park twice and taking professional trackers over 350km of wilderness and farmland feasting on a kudu, an Nguni cow and 28 sheep!

Conservationists despaired and debated as Sylvester’s fate hung in the balance. In a tale worthy of the Lion King, Sylvester was sentenced to death. However, his story was in the process of capturing the imagination of social media followers across the globe – who were having none of it. They made their voices heard.

It was then that Gerard De Lange, conservation manager at Kuzuko Lodge, stepped in and offered Sylvester a home on the reserve. Over time, Sylvester formed a coalition with another male, Fielies. Finally, he was safe from other lion encroaching and, as if the story couldn’t get sweeter, he found a mate, siring two beautiful cubs. This conservation success story has warmed many a heart and, in his new book, Sylvester – vagabond to lion king, Gerard tells the true story of how Sylvester found his home on the edge of the Addo Elephant National Park at Kuzuko Lodge.

You will love this real-life story of how a lion became a legend. To order your copy, email Gerard on