The Largest Humpback Migration to Date?

By Raggy Charters. All images by Lloyd Edwards of Raggy Charters What incredible cruises we have been having lately, the Humpback whales just never seem to end! We were out yesterday and spotted three humpback cow/calf pairs near the Bell Buoy in Algoa Bay. After spending our allotted 20 minutes in the area looking for […]

Tales from the bay: Long-beaked common dolphins steal the show in Algoa Bay

We called the liner up on the marine radio and told them to inform their guests of the turmoil that was unfolding 100 metres off their starboard bow. We followed the action for as much time as our permit conditions allowed and were treated to some amazing spectacles, wow! At one stage while they were on the move, the school was 3000 strong.


Tales from the bay with Raggy Charters. Southern Right Calves begin leaving Algoa Bay. The first Southern right whale calf on record was born in Algoa Bay on the 20th July 2021. Raggy Charters, on a marine safari, came across a cow and calf pair at Hougham Park just north of St Croix Island in […]

Algoa Bay becomes a prestigious Whale Heritage Site

Source: Algoa Bay in South Africa has been awarded the Whale Heritage Site accolade, making South Africa the only country in the world with two accredited sites. Whale Heritage Sites are a global accreditation scheme developed by the World Cetacean Alliance and supported by World Animal Protection, that recognise a community´s commitment to respect and celebrate whales, […]

Game drives, orange groves & great white sharks

An Addo kind of winter If you google photos of winter in Addo and the surrounding areas, you’ll find green and golden veld, clear blue skies, a calm ocean and orchards full of oranges braided across vast patches of red earth in between dense thicket.Actually, it looks a lot like summer. The Addo skies have […]