Tales from the bay: Long-beaked common dolphins steal the show in Algoa Bay

We called the liner up on the marine radio and told them to inform their guests of the turmoil that was unfolding 100 metres off their starboard bow. We followed the action for as much time as our permit conditions allowed and were treated to some amazing spectacles, wow! At one stage while they were on the move, the school was 3000 strong.

Caught on camera: Humpback whale breaches clear of the water

Raggy Charters recently hosted a marine safari of tour operators, scientists and members of the PE cetacean spotters group to get a closer look at the sub-adult humpback whales that have been spotted in the bay. And the sights that awaited them was the best display that Raggy Charters has seen in their 23 years! The same animal breached at least 50 times in a row . . .

Caught on camera: Sardine Run orca action

It is not often that orcas make an appearance on the annual Sardine Run, but when they do it brings the house down! Orcas, also known as killer whales, are actually not whales but belong to the dolphin family. These sleek black-and-white predators are super fast and hyper intelligent, making them one of the world’s deadliest predators.

Caught on camera: is this the most elusive of the Big Seven?

Is the leopard the most elusive of Addo’s Big Seven? It’s probably a close competition with the quick and evasive great white shark who frequents the marine section of the Addo Elephant National Park in search of a seal or penguin meal. This mysterious shark is one of South Africa’s most popular animals. Similarly, the […]