Adventure Racing World Championships kick off in the Eastern Cape this week

This week, international and local teams will converge in the Eastern Cape for an epic challenge at Expedition Africa Adventure Race. 

The race – known as Expedition Africa – will play host to 109 teams from 30 countries in an epic battle that includes navigation, cycling, trekking, paddling and, possibly, other disciplines. Racers must navigate a route using only a compass and topographical map marked with checkpoints to be visited – usually in a specific order – and transitions where they switch disciplines and pick up supplies for their hundreds-of-kilometres journey. It is a gruelling and exhilarating multi-day endurance event that challenges teams of four to navigate through rugged and varied Eastern Cape terrain using a variety of outdoor disciplines. The race will take place from 19 – 27 October 2023 in the Eastern Cape. It is more than a race against other teams, it’s a battle with the elements, mental and physical fatigue over days of non-stop racing. 

Sarah Baartman District Municipality and Kouga Local Municipality will welcome 109 teams from 30 countries to the Eastern Cape. Addo, with its endless coastal dunes, crisp Zuurberg Mountains, fertile river valley, orchards and lush veld is an ideal playground for adventure racing. On the morning of 19th October, racers will board their transport, leaving the security of the Cape St. Francis Resort for a destination – and starting point – as yet unknown. This is followed by a frantic scramble from teams to plan their routes through the wilderness, hitting checkpoints and transitions along the way. 

As soon as the race starts, anyone anywhere with internet can go online to  and watch the numbered dots, which are the teams, as they move forward across many kilometres of terrain for the next 10 days. Families, friends and fans can follow their teams from across the globe. This is set to be the biggest adventure race in history – Adventure Racing World Series Championship 2023 – with an anticipated more-than-a-million “dot-watchers” with an eye on the Eastern Cape. A large media contingent, with more than 90 persons, will be following the teams on the ground, making this one of the largest adventure events in South Africa’s history of adventure racing and bringing adventurous souls from across the world to explore the exquisite beauty of our region. 

Image credits: Provided by Expedition Africa. Photographer Bruce Viaene.