Grilled vibes, chilled vibes at The Kraal Addo

Chef Wesley Smith introduces the new CBD-infused Commando Burger at The Kraal in Addo.


What is it that defines the ‘ultimate burger’? The quality of the ingredients? The garnish and extras? The size? Over the years, working in both small and large commercial kitchens, I have come to believe that it’s an equal mixture of two things: one, the ratio of ingredients and, two, the memory of that the burger evokes in a customer.

The first is quite simple, I have always told my chefs that the key to the ‘ultimate burger’ is balance between ingredients. You can use the same ingredients to make two different burgers – too much lettuce, too much tomato, or a heavy hand with spices could mean that your burger is good, instead of great.

Secondly, the way to create the ‘ultimate burger’ is… a memory. The smell of your gran’s kitchen on a Sunday afternoon. The taste of being back home while Dad puts patties on the fire. Or it could be the memory of your first love, sitting outside a roadhouse in the rain munching on a home-style burger. In my opinion, the only way to achieve this sense of nostalgia is to love the food you make as if it were your last. Passion isn’t taught; it’s learned from everyday experiences that shape your love of food.

Take the time. Cook with your partner, cook with your parents, cook with your kids. Share in the making of memories. And, in doing so, you will too create the ultimate burger.


When I first started planning the Kraal’s menu, I knew that I wanted to add a CBD infusion, as the world is starting to realise the benefits of good, old Mary Jane.

Now that marajuana has, for the large part, been decriminalised and, in some countries, legalised, we have are able to provide our guests with the most decadent, juicy, and overloaded burger packed full of the health benefits that CBD oil provides.

For those not familiar with the difference between THC and CBD in marajuana (dagga, in South African slang), CBD oil has no psychoactive effects – it won’t make you feel ‘high’. It is simply used for flavour and its health benefits. So, come on down to the Kraal in Addo and order a Commando Burger (20mg or 40mg) and see what all the hype is about.

To book, call 071 310 7150 or visit The Kraal

Overloaded, CBD-infused Commando Burger at The Kraal